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seriously, i’m liking this winant dude. he has a way with making a clear and incisive point. to wit:

It’s notable how McCarthy seems to think that, in pointing out that the United States has many mosques, but the holy cities of Saudi Arabia have no churches, he’s making an appropriate comparison. It’s almost as if he demands that we behave just like a theocratically tinged authoritarian monarchy. The hatred these people have for the Muslim world conceals a noticeable yearning — an envy for its ability to carry out the undemocratic, anti-pluralist, and puritanical measures that the United States has long since abandoned.


Today’s edition of “things I learn reading irreverent sports websites.”

Did you know that Kitkat makes a chunky peanut butter version that’s only available in the UK and Australia? That’s BULLSHIT!

via Why Must the NFL Tempt Mother Nature So?.

Also why is creamy considered the “default” form of peanut butter? What do people have against getting more product for their money? It’s also slightly higher in fiber. Plus: TEXTURE PEOPLE FFS HOW CAN YOU ENJOY IT WITHOUT THE TEXTURE

Gehlke noted the deaths of heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio, who performed with several bands including Black Sabbath, last week and singer-bassist Peter Steel last month.

“This is just a big surprise for a lot of us and it’s a shame too,” Gehlke said. “We just had Dio pass away, Peter Steel from Type-O Negative – three pretty significant blows to heavy metal community.”

via Paul Gray Dead: Slipknot Bassist Dies At 38.

Look I’m not trying to be an asshole and this certainly sucks — from the sounds of things he was shooting coke though so it’s a miracle he lived to 38 — but I willing to go on record as categorically stating that the bassist from Slipknot does not belong in the same “loss of a metal legend” conversation as Peter Steele and Ronnie James Dio.

You can learn things reading Deadspin — not very often, but it does happen.


When putting on your belt, what side does the buckle go on? I’m usually a buckle on the left kind of guy. Well, during a morning poop, I noticed the writing on the inside of the belt to be upside down. Could Cole Haan possibly assume the buckle should go on the right side? I am absolutely baffled by this, and for some reason terrified to try and put my belt on the other way.

Is Cole Haan English? Maybe it’s a European thing, like driving on the retarded side of the road. If I tried putting my buckle on the right, my head would explode. Even thinking about it right now disturbs and confuses me.

via Is The Dude Using The Printer Watching You Watch Porn?.

Far too heavy to get glib over. This keeps happening and my first instinct is to look at it as a sign of the times. That’s a little convenient though, isn’t it? This man was clearly not well; but what about his son? The kid was brainwashed from day one. Dad was mentally ill, but what about the power of a parental figure to shape a kid’s mindset? What happens if a perfectly normal and healthy (both mentally & physically) kid believes the ravings of a lunatic? Is he a victim here?

It’s all so damn ugly.

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio — It was here, in this blue-collar town of frame houses and good-natured biker bars, that Jerry Ralph Kane Jr. began his fight against what he regarded as the illegitimate corporations he believed had usurped the government.

That fight ended in spectacular fashion Thursday in West Memphis, Ark., just across the Mississippi River from Memphis, leaving Mr. Kane, his 16-year-old son, Joseph, and two local police officers dead.

Mr. Kane and Joseph shot the officers who stopped their white van on Interstate 40, then died in a firefight with other law enforcement officials in a Wal-Mart parking lot, wounding a sheriff and his deputy, the authorities said. A newspaper photograph showed Joseph, dead on a traffic island, the bullet-riddled van behind him.

It was only the culmination — the inevitable culmination, some who knew Mr. Kane said — of a struggle that began here in Springfield.

via Antigovernment Rage for Father and Son in Police Shooting –