I Concur Completely And Demand To Know Whose Head Rolls

Today’s edition of “things I learn reading irreverent sports websites.”

Did you know that Kitkat makes a chunky peanut butter version that’s only available in the UK and Australia? That’s BULLSHIT!

via Why Must the NFL Tempt Mother Nature So?.

Also why is creamy considered the “default” form of peanut butter? What do people have against getting more product for their money? It’s also slightly higher in fiber. Plus: TEXTURE PEOPLE FFS HOW CAN YOU ENJOY IT WITHOUT THE TEXTURE

1 comment
  1. slimlove said:

    first: creamy peanut butter is far superior.

    second: the best kitkat flavor is green tea (sounds gross, actually awesome), and as far as i know, it’s only available in japan, where they have like 20 varieties of kitkat. i demand to know why fine americans are being deprived of awesome candy flavors.

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