Shortest Leprechaun Award

I’m not familiar with this Corrente dude, though apparently he’s some far-left equivalent of Jim “World’s Stupidest Blogger” Hoft. Browsing around randomly I came across this piece where, apparently under a mistaken belief that he was smart enough to figure out the concept of direct deposit, Señor Dimbulbo declares that a flyer announcing the coming onset of electronic-only payments for social security, veteran’s benefits, etc. is “Worse Than Despicable.”

My neighbor is quite old, in her 80s probably. She has a computer and gets email, but that’s it — no online banking, shopping, etc. She has memory problems, and it’s hard for her to cope with anything more complicated than logging onto AOL. Plus, she doesn’t really trust the internet with her money.

Well then she’ll be thrilled to find out — assuming she stops asking a melodramatic idiot who gets off on scaring old people to translate for her — that the Internet has nothing whatsoever to do with direct deposit, and what’s more she won’t even need to remember to cash the fucking things anymore. Suggestion: don’t post publicly about things you can’t spend 45 seconds looking up. Here is the root Wikipedia result for direct deposit, which directs you to the ACH entry for information specific to direct deposit in the United States. One must read two sentences into the ACH entry to see that it is an electronic debiting system. From there, Hoft Jr. uses his misunderstanding as a springboard to dive into a flight of fancy about how old people who don’t want to “use the internet” to cash their SS checks are being forced into some debit card scheme — which would be fine, except that there are too many charges.

So in summary: having money automatically show up in her account every month is too complicated, but an ATM card is fine as long as withdrawals are free. Sure thing, you fucking idiot.



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