Golden Opportunity

We know the old cliche: Republicans are good at telling a simple story that makes sense to the public, Democrats (even when they’re right) are terrible at explaining things succinctly and tend to talk in circles and ramble on and lecture and …



…sorry, I nodded off for a second there.

At any rate, if we had a President who either wasn’t advised by drooling incompetents or wasn’t himself a closet Republican, depending on what you believe, this seems like a great time to turn this thing on its head. ‘The other side is trying to tell some complicated story about ‘confidence’ and deficits, so let me offer a simple alternative: the economy is bad because people aren’t buying things, so here is my big plan to get people back to work blah blah blah.’ Telling a simple story that the average person can understand: maybe just crazy enough to work.

(Assuming we had a President and Congress who actually thought it was important to get people back to work, of course.)




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