It’s Over

As far as I’m concerned this is the final nail in the coffin of this presidency. He might as well run as a Republican now — I don’t give a shit if this passes,* the fact that this is even being put on the table has lost this guy and the rest of his party my vote for the foreseeable future. He wouldn’t put this on the table if he didn’t think the rest of the Dems would go for it, so the only question is if they can sell the rest of us on it. What do I do now, stand around with a Ron Paul sign? Organize for Nader? It’s becoming difficult to find even a theoretical difference between the parties these days, at least as it comes to policy. Would you prefer your austere rightwing oligarchic empire delivered in batshit or sane form?


*which it will, and it will cause real and permanent pain, and nobody will be held accountable because it will be “politically courageous” and both parties will share the responsbility


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