After Bipartisanship Fails, There Is No Second Plan

I didn’t realize we had also elected Barack Obama Governor of California, but here you go.


Brown, who vetoed a spending plan from Democrats earlier in the month, abandoned his own proposal that the legislature set a referendum on tax extensions.

A measure to put tax extensions on the ballot would have required a handful of Republican votes to reach the two-thirds vote requirement in the legislature for tax issues.

Republicans had blocked tax extensions, prompting Brown to cease trying to win their votes and to partner with Democrats over the weekend to craft the budget package.

The package includes provisions of the Democratic budget he vetoed earlier this month, additional spending cuts, and relies on $4 billion in better-than-expected revenue to help plug the state budget gap. Education will face more cuts if the revenue does not come through.

via California legislators prepare for budget vote | Reuters.


When “I’ll charm them into playing nice” failed, it became obvious that Brown had no backup plan whatsoever, and thus no ability to behave proactively. Now he’s stuck in reactive mode, and is visibly desperate to the point that he’s now resorting to the same accounting tricks over which he vetoed the original budget barely ten days ago. The State GOP must be absolutely thrilled — all they have to do is watch what the national GOP does, copy it, and watch as Jerry Brown is, “somehow,” unable to learn from any of the mistakes Obama has made over the last few years.

(And by “somehow” I mean “I’m no longer buying that the Dems are this stupid, and am becoming more and more convinced that this is in fact a shared corporatist agenda being played out in good cop / bad cop terms.”)



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