Reverse Kinsley Gaffe

This exchange between Obama and Stephanopolous is definitely an example of talking to people like adults, but I’m not so sure the “I blatantly played politics on this issue in the past, therefore I can tell that’s what the Republicans are doing in the present” approach is something people will be willing or able to follow. This is definitely a coordinated strategy, as we have Harry Reid saying the same thing to ABC about his own vote. They’re absolutely telling the truth, but it remains to be seen whether that old saw can be flipped around into an absolute offense.

Also, I’d point out that both of these articles are blatantly one-sided. Harry Reid and Barack Obama say that their votes in 2006 were flatly political, but what do Some People say on the subject? Where does ABC get off ramming this claim that Obama and Reid said something down my throat? Reasonable people can disagree. Opinions differ. Equal time for both sides.

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    i see to be having trouble with comments in general. how bout this one?

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