Something Something Justin Bieber Gaza Strip

Can’t think of clever title, but it seems to me the takeaway here is that Justin Bieber’s handlers are more politically savvy than (what we’re expected to believe about) Obama’s.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has canceled his date with pop sensation Justin Bieber over the singer’s refusal to meet with children living in communities affected by Gaza rocket fire, Channel Two reported on Tuesday.

The prime minister was scheduled to host the young singer at his office in Jerusalem on Wednesday evening, before Bieber’s Thursday night concert.

Taking advantage of the PR opportunity presented by the meeting with Bieber, Netanyahu’s advisers invited a group of children from communities near the Gaza border to attend.

The children had disembarked from a school bus just before it was hit by a Hamas rocket last Thursday, critically wounded a teen and moderately wounding the bus driver.

Bieber reportedly refused to meet the children, which led Netanyahu to cancel the meeting.

via Netanyahu cancels Bieber date over refusal to meet kids affected by Gaza rockets – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News.


Translation: surprisingly-savvy pop star refuses to be railroaded into becoming de-facto proponent of Israeli government policy.

…but I’m sure the part where they didn’t invite the kids until after Bieber’s visit was announced publicly was just an honest mistake.

  1. Elia Isquire said:

    In fact, his handlers are even more clever than that: they requested, initially, the meeting with Netanyahu, knowing that Bieber’s fanbase is largely evangelical and evangelicals LOVE them some Bibi.

  2. fauxpopuli said:

    Interesting. So he gets cred all around eh? This kid is gonna be a crazy slick politician some day.

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