Secretive Conspiracies Played Out In Plain Sight

Saw somebody on facebook ranting about government taking away guns and the New World Order and this and that. By the way: apparently the solution to Columbine, Virginia Tech etc. is to let high school and college students bring guns on campus.

It made me think of this old speech, which is pretty clearly about peace and the further establishment of democracy. If there’s any hidden message, it’s one about the US having less pull at the UN in recent decades. (“a credible United Nations” etc)

Or at least that’s what comes out when you watch the clip while under the influence of sanity. If you’re a conspiracy nut, Alex Jones fan, or etc. what you see is some kind of barely-coded message where the President is… I don’t know, triggering a call to arms or some shit. This is the part that has never made sense to me: so there’s an overarching secret conspiracy by the Freemasons or Bilderburgs or who-the-fuck-ever to take the world over. It’s all orchestrated behind the scenes in secret meetings and the diabolical plan is hatched… and then they decide that the best way to proceed is to have the most prominent human being on the planet come out and openly acknowledge the conspiracy. It doesn’t make any sense to me, which I guess is the point: this isn’t about logic or facts. This is a substitute for/supplement to a religious experience. Someday the one-world government will come, if we only have faith!

Because pretending to fight back against the satanic shadow government via blog posts and facebook links is a lot easier — and more importantly, a lot more dramatic — than dealing with the drudgework grind of changing shit that actually affects us day-to-day. I want to be a freedom fighter too — and that’s what video games are for. I prefer my real life interactions to be more… well, real.


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