Turns Out New Daddy’s A Dick Too

The same guy who wrote this about disappointed liberals 23 months into the Barack Obama presidency:

[W]hat is more annoying? That our manic progressive commenters can’t figure out who the problem is (Pro-tip- Not Obama or the majority of the Democrats), or that I have to read about the same whinging from these jackasses in every thread? Can’t they all just go to FDL or No Quarter? They clearly hate Obama, because this is beyond policy differences. This isn’t about a desire to discuss issues, or differences in opinion, or wanting to engage with other commenters. It is an obsessive need to tear down this administration, the Democratic party, or anyone who doesn’t think Obama is ZOMG THE WORSTEST PRESIDENT EVER. I’m to the point I think a lot of them are on the Freedom Works payroll.

Seriously, just fuck off. Go somewhere else. You won’t be missed.

My problem is you morons can’t tell the difference between holding someone’s feet to the fire and burning someone at the stake.

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Had written this five hours earlier, and exactly one vote into the Joe Manchin Senatorship:

And I am so disgusted with the performance of Joe Manchin [on DADT repeal] that if I could do it over, I would vote for Raese and hope he won, because then in two years I might have the opportunity to vote for a Democrat. His performance on this was so gutless and cowardly that it is breathtaking[.]

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For further context this was how he felt about Manchin — and specifically people who thought he was too right-wing to deserve their support — before the election:

Nate Silver has a long analysis up on Manchin, and a bunch of you are yelling that Manchin should be defeated to “teach him a lesson.” I’d kindly ask you to go to hell if that is your attitude. Manchin is definitely running to the right in this election, and will be a pain in the ass on issues I care about, but Raese would be a disaster. I could understand this sentiment if there were any Democrats waiting in the wings to challenge Raese in 2012, but Ken Hechler is approaching 100, and if Manchin loses, we could be looking at a GOP senator in Byrd’s seat for a long, long time.

Manchin may not be covering himself with glory, but Raese would be a disaster. I know which way I am voting.

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The lesson here? Not some snark about Cole being schizophrenic or whatever, though you do have to wonder if the guy operates on anything beyond pure emotion. No, the point here is to be loyal to a consistent ideology rather than to the authority figure du jour and you won’t find yourself in these situations.

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