There Goes The Season

Maybe I’m just being a little pessimistic because the Packers just lost 7-3 to the hapless, “Help us Ndamukong Suh, you’re our only hope!” Lions. 7 to fucking 3. This team was supposed to be an offensive powerhouse, and though they’ve blown out some shitty teams (Dallas, SF) their performance in big games is merely offensive. Slow to start, bad at finishing and riddled with random pockets of highly-questionable QB and Head Coach decisionmaking. Next week the Packers have to go to Foxboro and play the hottest team in the league in a road game, and it’s looking entirely possible that they’ll have to put their 387th player on IR this season. (Give or take about 360) At least Da Bears lost today, but unfortunately they did it to the same New England team the Packers have to face next week. Nothing like potentially having your backup quarterback facing Dreamboat McBieberhair on a hot streak. Fucking… UGH.

BTW, bet you didn’t know this was a football blog! Tricky huh? It was either this or just calling random numbers in the phone book to complain about the Packers. I am fucking frustrated. I endure such highly meaningful problems that have a serious impact on day-to-day life.


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