Something About Assholes Who Claim Art As Their Own

The need to interpret all forms of art in the context of personal politics is a disappointingly common trait of hardcore partisans. Having said that — which by the way is a slightly fancier and more self-justifying way of saying, “Even though I know I’m being a prick about this…” — I have difficulty interpreting these lyrics as anything but an argument against conservatism, status quo politics, and etc.

How can we fight fatigue?
In pre-historic sorrow?
When all is preordained
The cycle never ends

What once had been an endless realm
Of possibility and dream
Now laid to waste and ruin
Laid to waste again

You wash your hands in blood
You squander time
We borrow from eternity
Is it another lame excuse?

The day has come
You are the fatalist
The day has come
You are the fatalist

You walk on soil that dreams of blood

You are the fatalist

If nothing changes
Then nothing ends

Your thoughts are broken
Your reasoning is flawed
The defense is just an act
And lies are all you’ve got

You are the fatalist

via DARK TRANQUILLITY LYRICS – We Are The Void (2010).

I’m sure that if one was to read this with different eyes it’d be a clear denunciation of my own politics instead, but fuck that! That would be the wrong interpretation. This song was clearly written to speak directly to me and anyone else who finds personal value in it can agree or get fucked.

ps. and yeah it could very well be about struggling to make a change in your own life. but again: see previous note about that being wrong.


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