I Got Mine

Or, “Fuck You, Grandma.”

First a couple definitions.

playing offense: Lying. Constructing a false reality for political purposes.

playing defense: Unwinding lies. Explaining things. Telling the truth.


Myth 5: The elderly need to fear such Social Security reforms as increasing the retirement age. Of all the crazy myths that interest groups can rant, blog and tweet about, none is sillier than this one. Budget reform is around the corner, and the elderly will feel the pinch along with everyone else. Already, subsidies for Medicare Advantage plans held by the elderly have been cut back, and some tax rates are likely to rise.

But Social Security reform? Apart from the possible COLA change, not a single Social Security benefit reform option on the table would affect anyone currently older than 60. Literally, grandfathers are grandfathered into today’s system. Social Security reform is almost entirely an issue for today’s middle-aged and young people. Purely from self-interest, the elderly should lobby for Social Security reform because no other budget revision so totally exempts them from sharing the pain of deficit reduction.

via Lowering the heat around raising retirement age – SFGate.

Fucking with the retirement age would get DC burnt down if they couldn’t explain to the current old folks that they won’t be affected. It remains to be seen whether they’re dickish enough hear that to go, “Yeah? Then fuck my kids and their kids too!” but the way people are acting these days I’m not hopeful. This leads me to conclude that liberals, decent non-greedy people, etc. should play some offense. We’re in a post-factual era right? Just tell the old people that Congress wants to slash their benefits. Start some of those obnoxious chain emails or something. Playing defense takes weeks, and by that time you have a new line of bullshit to run with. Tell them Obama is resurrecting Death Panels via Social Security reform or something, I dunno. Maybe let’s try being fucking ruthless and see how it works out. Oh, wah! Decency! We shouldn’t be like the Republicans! Oh, ok. Let’s be nice and bipartisan and respectful and build bridges and keep getting fucking rolled. The truth was stabbed, sodomized and left to die in an alley a long time. Just lie. Problem solved.

And btw get a load of this asshole from the Gate: “Seniors should lobby for SS reform because fuck everyone else!” Eat a nice big bowl of broken glass you fuck.


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