One Hill. Just Die On One Single Hill And I Will Accept You As My Own.

These sort’ve exchanges have been made a few times in the last few years.  I was looking over this old transcript and I realized that there’s really something to be gained here.

Four years ago, you were asked if you had made any mistakes.

BUSH: Yes.

QUESTION: And I’m not trying to play “gotcha,” but I wonder, when you look back over the long arc of your presidency, do you think in retrospect that you have made any mistakes? And, if so, why is the single biggest mistake that you may have made?

BUSH: Gotcha.


Look, I have often said that history will look back and determine that which could have been done better or, you know, mistakes I made.

via – RAW DATA: Transcript of Bush’s Last White House Press Conference.

We’ve seen liberals call for Obama to be more like Bush, but what does that really mean? Do they want him to ignore the constitution? To ignore his own intellect and act instinctually, ie. “from the gut?” To blow up a bunch of shit and pass the bill on to the next guy?

I submit to you that what they really want is drawn out in this press conference.  Ponder: Bush had the Reverse Midas Touch. Everything he got his filthy mitts on in his 8-year term turned to absolute dogshit, and yet at the end of it all he was willing to stand up and say something that — if perhaps a bit shy of something we might forthrightly label “taking responsibility” — was at the very least an example of being willing to withstand the “slings and arrows.”  I could go on and on, but we can draw it all out with a single, simple sentence: imagine Obama giving a press conference where he stands up there, stares the cameras down and tells us that it’s going to be awhile before we figure out if his policies worked, so we should hold our fucking horses and let history decide.

Can you fathom this? Because I can’t even come close.  I picture the sonofabitch asking what concerns I have with his policies and making immediate changes to ameliorate the political repercussions of those concerns.  As for honest-to-God good policy, well… it kinda falls by the wayside when we’re putting points on the board. And that’s where I’m coming from: if he wasn’t willing to take responsiblity for his own actions, at least Bush had the balls enough to tell a segment of the population to fuck itself because he was doing what he thought was right.  Don’t get me wrong; I’m not trying to romanticize the motherfucker or anything, because it’s pretty damn obvious that absolute confidence in service of a failing cause is not a winning strategy.  The question, then, boils down to whether we’re better off with a dead-certain lunatic or a capitulating, sellout intellectual.  Personally I have no fucking clue.


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