It’s A Shame Alright

The House was debating a bill last night that would provide up to $7.4 billion in health care aid to rescue and recovery workers who have faced health problems since their work in the wake of the September 11 attacks. The bill ultimately failed to get the needed two-thirds majority, 255-159, and Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) was not happy about it. Not one bit.

In a rant that lasted for almost two minutes, a hopping mad Weiner railed against “cowardly” Republicans who claimed they were voting against the bill because of “procedure.” Weiner spat: “It’s Republicans wrapping their arms around Republicans, rather than doing the right thing on behalf of the heroes!”

Weiner attacked those who “stand up and say, ‘Oh, if only we had a different process we’d vote yes.’ You vote yes if you believe yes! You vote in favor of something if you believe it’s the right thing! If you believe it’s the wrong thing, you vote no!”

“It is a shame! A shame,” he exclaimed.

Truly must watch:

via Anthony Weiner’s Spitting Mad Rant Against Republicans On The House Floor (VIDEO) | TPMDC.

Wow man, look at Weiner go off! He’s all pissed and stuff! This is what a Democrat with balls sounds like! If only they’d sound like this all the time! Etc!

Er…wait a minute. What was that about a 2/3 majority? In the House? Yeah, that’s not a mistake. While most lefty blogs seem to be focusing on how awesome it was that Weiner flipped out and threw a bunch of red meat to us dopes, what’s kind of getting obscured here is the fact that if the Dems wanted this bill to pass the House it would’ve done so: they brought it up under a 2/3 requirement so that they could blame the Republicans for it failing. Yeah, it sucks that the GOP is so fervently anti-everything that they’re willing to vote down a bill of this sort, but it’s also really shitty of the Dems to pull a stunt like this. It isn’t as though there’s a lack of evidence of Republican obstructionism, and now the Republicans are correct in saying that they’re playing politics with this.

More than anything though, fuck any lefty blog that doesn’t point out what’s going on here. Look at the linked TPM article for instance – yeah, technically it acknowledges that the Dems brought the vote up under special rules, but they leave it to the reader to piece together the implications. Instead it’s all “hopping mad” and “cowardly” and “must watch!” I thought we were better than this.


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