i’m just going to punch you in the face now, mmmk?

so i haven’t really talked about the oscar grant case and it’s effects on oakland, but i think now’s a good time. there was some rioting last week. 78 people were arrested. only 19 were from oakland. many of them were “anarchists,” people who came to the rally specifically to start shit. many of them brought weapons and molotov cocktails with them. most of them wore hoods and covered their faces with bandanas.

today we were graced with one anarchist’s “take” on the events. this kid is 26 and from SLC. he came to the bay area just for the protest. here’s his best quote:

“When you smash a window and you tear the town up,” he said, “it shows the police there will be real-world consequences when they abuse vulnerable people in their communities.”

are you fucking kidding me? seriously, dude, are you fucking kidding me? you tear up the downtown and what consequences are there for the cops? they arrest more people? they get overtime pay? you’re not punishing the cops, you’re punishing the people who fucking live in this town, unlike you. and sure, most of the torn up stores were corporate chains, but not all. plenty of random small local places were trashed, as were cars on the street. again: it’s not the cops, or the main power structure, that’s hurting here. it’s average people.

but what really, REALLY pisses me off is that these assholes come in from out of town all full of big talk and cause a lot of shit, but apparently they don’t have any real courage of conviction. you’re such big, bad anarchists? then why don’t you show your faces? why don’t you try to shake things up in the cities you actually live in? SLC is a town basically run by the Mormon church, so why don’t you focus your efforts on the power structure in your own hometown, you little shit?

bottom line: these people really don’t give a shit about oscar grant or the case or oakland or justice. they just wanted an excuse to tear shit up and maybe score some free shit, and then go on home, leaving the people who actually live in oakland to clean up their mess. way to win hearts and minds, assholes. i’m sure the police are really smarting over those “real-world consequences” you showed them.

reading over my last paragraph, i realized that sounds very much like what our government does in other parts of the world: cause some drama, maybe overthrow a government, get some oil, and then go home, leaving a mess behind. but maybe i’m reaching there.

some incidental notes:

do you think the people who belong to anarchist organizations recognize the inherent irony?

i originally got to this article via SFGate. if you haven’t ever read the comments there, they are hysterical (and enraging). my favorite on this article was the guy who called anarchists “extreme liberals.” face palm. i wanted to reach through the internet, grab this guy, shake him, and inquire whether he, in fact, knew what the fuck anarchy means. they are more libertarian than the libertarians, okay? they want no government at all.

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  1. fauxpopuli said:

    That sort of shit really bothers me. I wish I had that kind of energy/enthusiasm… yknow, a lot of the time I’m discouraged and depressed and disconnected from any movement and blah blah. These assholes do have the drive to get out and do something — I mean they drove from Utah for fuck’s sake — and look what they’re doing with it. What a fucking waste. It sounds like they’re much more into the image of themselves as iconoclasts, rebels or what-have-you than in any sort of actual principle.

    And of course whenever these fuckwits show up they get lumped in with “the left.” Yeah, right.

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