*sound of head hitting a desk repeatedly*

What’s lamer than sports punditry and political punditry? Sports-politics punditry! You know you’re in for a treat when the columnist apologizes in advance:

So LeBron James is abandoning Cleveland for sunny Miami. That’s a tough break for Ohio sports fans. But what effect might LeBron’s departure have on Ohio’s politics? I think it helps the Tea Party, for reasons I’ll lay out.

First, let’s stipulate that reading any kind of meaning into a celebrity sports event is by its very nature pretty ridiculous, more like fortune-telling than the rigorous political analysis you’ve come to expect from The Atlantic. But I have to justify spending all afternoon watching ESPN and reading Bill Simmons (and gawking at models). So here goes.

via How LeBron’s Move Helps the Tea Party – Politics – The Atlantic.

“I recognize that this falls below our standards, but fuck it; I’m on deadline and have no real ideas!” He proceeds to explain that since LeBron pissed a bunch of Clevelanders off and angry people join the Tea Party, the obvious and sensible reaction to the Lebrocalypse is for the citizens of the ol’ Mistake On The Lake to collectively become right-wingers. I guess it’s more sensible than the Cav owner’s jilted, bitter abomination of a comic-sans rant…


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