NRA May Endorse Reid; Conservative Heads Primed To Explode

Oh my god please let this happen. The epic whingefest that would ensue would be a true wonder to behold.

The National Rifle Association  is in unfamiliar terrain on the conservative firing range this election year: It’s the target.

The conservative Netroots are abuzz over the possibility that the NRA may endorse Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). This would be the second major slight by the NRA for political conservatives — the gun group also just negotiated a big exemption on a campaign finance bill loathed by the right.

Conservatives say there’s a clear political calculation at work: If Reid loses, he’s almost certain to be succeeded as majority leader by a fierce gun-control advocate, either Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin or New York Sen. Chuck Schumer.

The NRA isn’t even denying this line of reasoning but says it hasn’t made a decision about whether to endorse Reid.

via NRA on firing line over Harry Reid – Manu Raju and Jonathan Allen –

Of course the reality is much more about Dems selling out to the NRA than vice versa, but if they’re going to do it at least there can be some high-quality schadenfreude.


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