Who’s Your Daddy?

WASHINGTON — With Republicans citing concerns about the growing national debt, the House rejected a bill Tuesday to extend unemployment benefits for people who have been out of work for long stretches.

The House, however, is expected to vote on the bill again as early as Wednesday. And Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid filed a motion Tuesday evening to force a vote by Thursday to extend the benefits.

Without an extension, payments would continue to phase out for more than 200,000 people a week. The last extension expired at the end of May. House Democrats said more than 1 million people have already lost benefits.

via House Rejects Extension Of Unemployment Benefits.


WASHINGTON — Republican Senator Scott Brown, whose backing is seen as crucial to passage of an overhaul of Wall Street rules, withheld his support of the latest bill today, saying he was upset about the last-minute addition of $19 billion in new taxes on big banks.

While not expressing opposition, Brown’s cool response could complicate efforts to pass the biggest change to the nation’s financial laws since the Great Depression.

Brown’s vote was crucial to Democrats’ ability to win passage of an earlier version of the bill in the Senate. A number of changes have been made in the legislation to win his support.

But Brown objected today to the addition of $19 billion in fees on banks, which pay the expenses of greater oversight duties by a variety of federal agencies for 10 years. The fees would be levied over five years. The fees were added by House-Senate Conference Committee members, led by Representative Barney Frank, during an all-night session Thursday and Friday.

via Brown not yet on board with financial regulation bill

How are the Democrats not all over the air with this shit? “Republicans to discouraged workers: just go die already.” This is not complicated.


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