Here’s Bob Cesca pointing out something I should’ve been able to figure out the first time I heard people talking about who should be managing this spill.  (Now with free bonus bit of terrible news included)

Corporate motivations are incompatible with adequately mitigating the oil spill. Again, all we need to do is look to Exxon which fought and appealed against paying out damages. Actually, all we need to do is look at the statements and performance of BP and Hayward.

And this I didn’t know:

BP did start work on two relief wells as the government requested, but the second has been shut down to cannabalize parts from it for the primary well kill effort. The President must order BP to spend whatever money it takes to get another blow out preventer on site, to re-start work on the second pressure relief well. A recent blow-out off the coast of Australia required five pressure relief wells to successfully shut it down.

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