let’s try a little experiment here.

I am editing this post, adding this text, highlighting it and clicking strikethrough.



  1. fauxpopuli said:

    HOW?! HOWWWWW? When I do that it just goes away, swear to god! It even does that with italics.

    Did you use the GUI? type the html manually? cut-and-paste? I demand answers!

    • slimlove said:

      you can’t do italics? man, what the hell? i just use the interface. italics work either choosing italics then typing or typing then highlighting and selecting italics (shortcut keys also work just fine). i only tried strikethrough by typing and highlighting, and it worked just fine for me.

      there must be some kind of disagreement between your computer and/or browser and the wordpress site. maybe try it in firefox?

      • slimlove said:

        yeah, definitely try FF. i’ve noticed that i can’t use the shortcut keys in safari (i have a mac at work), so maybe chrome is just not interacting properly with the UI.

  2. fauxpopuli said:

    yeah, after the fact it’s kind’ve obvious something was up because eeeeeeeevery so often i could do italics. you were maybe even going “but wait I’ve seen italics in your posts.” correct! I was just too busy being mixed up to remember that. isn’t it weird how your brain can make shit invisible when it gets tied in a knot?

    “where’s the thing I’m holding in my right hand? I can’t find it anywhere”

    duuuude… I will be SO stoked if that random thing where I can’t embed youtube videos is also chrome-related. time to test.

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