Poor Information To Manage Your Anger

If you’ve recently seen me in the flesh you recall me expressing puzzlement at a “Voter Information Guide” that seemed to be made up entirely of paid-for endorsements.* If not you best picture yourself that thing I just said’ing ** because I PRESENT TO YOU:

Did you get something like this?

This phony information guide is put out by a political organization called Larry Levine & Associates in Sherman Oaks. These voter information guides endorse the candidates and propositions that pay Larry Levine & Associates to publish the “guide.” On the Levine & Associates website they brag about how 80% of the people they push in their Voter Information Guide get elected. They provide these “guides” for democrats and indepdendents.

The 2006 Voter Information Guide has a picture of Diane Feinstein on it, and yet urged no on prop 87, something which Senator Feinstein supported. More articles on this phony guide can be found at SignOnSanDiego.com The Almanac. If you want to find out more, just search Google for “Voter Information Guide for Democrats.”

via Voter Information Guide – THIS IS A SCAM!.

I thought it was a little funny when my “independent” voter guide endorsed nothing but Democrats and figured I’d plug their address into google; you can see what I came up with. I can only add a picture of the 2010 Indy Voter version to underscore how lazy these fucks are:

If you don't think I earn my pay then consider the SECONDS that I spent slaving over a hot MSPAINT to flip this statue of liberty for you

Of course this thing never stood a chance with me either given that it urges a No on 15 in order to prevent “politicians using tax dollars to pay for their political campaigns.” I see what you did there! Public financing is the last thing I want them not to do immediately! The only question I’m left with is whether the Yes on 15 people avoided paying

a) As a matter of principle

b) Because they couldn’t afford to outbid No on 15


c) Because he does not get results         (In a state like California it isn’t hard to predict that, ie. Barbara Boxer is going to beat the Republican “80%” or more of the time, and generally speaking any race in any state can be predicted by reading the paper anyway– no matter how awesome of a movie it’d make, it turns out that candidates who’re -13 in polling a week before the election don’t often win.)

edit: Oh. OH. OHHHHHHH. How could I forget to mention…? This is the SAME MOTHERFUCKER who was paid to send my parents a thing telling them to vote for Whitman, DeVore, Maldonado, etc. The. Same. Fucking. Guy. How the hell do some people make it through the day without swallowing a .45?

*this whole “keeping in mind whether I’m talking to one specific person or the entire planet when I write on the blog” thing gets complicated sometimes

**and shaddap about blog-pundits struggling to shoehorn in pop-culture references that add a bit of joy to our cynicism-and-disappointment-laden existences

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