Kids These Days

I mean Christ, don’t they know the proper way to stunt-drink is by sticking the booze up your ass?

Vodka Eyeballing has become a fad in San Diego for teenagers and it has local authorities concerned.

Vodka Eyeballing, also known as an eye shot, is when you tilt back your head and pour vodka into one of your eyes straight from the bottle. It first originated in the UK and gained popularity on the internet and is now trending in San Diego.

“Young adults seem to be doing this as part of a dare or a quick way to get drunk. It can actually burn the cornea right off your eye,” John Richardson, a Substance Abuse Counselor told 10News.

Many are claiming that vodka eyeballing can get you drunk faster than drinking because it passes through the mucous membrane and enters the bloodstream through the veins at the back of the eye.

Mike Gimbel, a Substance Abuse counselor says that kids are doing it as more of a prank, than a way to become more intoxicated.

“It probably could cause blindness if it caused severe enough scarring of the cornea,” says Robert Stutman, president of the Maryland Optometric Association.

“At 40 percent pure ethanol, vodka in the eye would create inflammation and thrombosis (clotting of the blood vessels) such that very little alcohol would be absorbed. Unlike the stomach, the eye does not have a gastrointestinal lining to protect it and aid absorption,” said Professor Robin Touquet a consultant at St. Mary’s Hospital.

via Vodka Eyeballing is new drinking game.

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