Because We Know How Often Paintballs Kill People

There are times where I honestly wonder to what degree political disagreements are based on differing perceptions of a particular set of facts. This is not one of those times.

There’s real pain in Israel today, pain at the humiliation of the flotilla raid, pain on behalf of the injured soldiers, and pain that the geniuses who run this country could not figure out a way to out-smart a bunch of Turkish Islamists and their useful idiot fellow travelers. And no, there is no particular pain felt for the dead on the boat; the video of those peace-seeking peace activists beating on the paintball commandos with metal bars pretty much canceled out whatever feelings of sympathy Israelis might have otherwise felt. Plus, most Israelis are aware, unlike much of the rest of the world, that these ships were not on a humanitarian mission, but a political mission, one meant to lend support to Hamas, which seeks Israel’s destruction, so you might have to excuse Israelis for not sympathizing overly much.

via Says One Israeli General: ‘Everybody Thinks We’re Bananas’ – International – The Atlantic.

Having trouble figuring out a way to justify a squad of heavily-armed elite commandos wading into a crowd of civilians with guns blazing? Simple: just pretend those commandos were actually carrying paintball guns! The fucking balls on this guy. No Jeff, they were not carrying paintball guns. They were carrying real guns full of live ammunition. They used those bullets to kill some 10-20 people. They incurred zero losses in the process.

No but see, the civilians had pipes!

Yeah Jeff, we know. And the Israelis had assault rifles.

No no, that’s where you’re wrong! They only had paintballs. See? I even wrote it down. How could I write it down if-

Shut up. Just shut the fuck up already.

He proceeds to further demonstrate his ability as a realitysmith by indicating that, contrary to what he wrote in the preceeding paragraph, Israelis do in fact feel a measure of sympathy for the dead civilians — even though every Israeli just knows that the boat was actually full of people motivated by a desire to destroy Israel — it’s just that they feel even extra double-super more strongly about not being sympathetic to their own government for handling the situation this way. I mean yeah, we might feel zero sympathy for dead civilians but we feel negative one sympathy for our own leaders!

edit: Ragging on him on a blog technically means I’m at least a quasi-journalist so I guess the fair thing to do is give him a chance to respond.

I tried to just ask the question and walk away, but as you can see I couldn’t resist throwing in a little bit of a pre-emptive bitchslap.


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