Thought Experiment

I’d like you to consider how much longer you think the Democratic Party would continue to exist if it blocked the Senate from considering a bill that would prevent the taxpayer from paying for all but $75m of a catastrophic oil spill while said oil spill was still a hot topic.

Of course as we know: IOKIYAR!

If this doesn’t hit the media BIGTIME and lead to a fucking backlash of epic proportions then we can pretty much count on this being the way politics work for the rest of this country’s pathetic existence. If taking a pro-industry shit on the legislative process of this magnitude with the country in a fervently anti-bailout mood while the associated crisis is still story #1 doesn’t get people to wake up and figure out that these people stand for LITERALLY NOTHING then I have no fucking clue and I figure it’s about time I just check out and stop paying attention. It’s all fucking downhill from here.

And Dems? You’re not off the hook. Exploit this to your advantage or go fuck yourselves you pathetic, talentless, ballless bunch of strategic failures. Instead we get…

“What we’re watching here is a sham,” Lautenberg said, Politico reports. “We see our friends on the other side–correct that, the people on the other side… not friendly in this case, [and we want them] to stand up and say, ‘Yeah. You did it? Pay for it.'”



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