Jerry Brown held his first campaign event and from the sound of it the roof must’ve come off the place. This guy is electric.

[“]There’s no content there. It’s like, I don’t know who they’re appealing to, I don’t think they read much about the history of this country. Thomas Jefferson and the founders said we need an educated citizenry… it means when you’re having a campaign at least you could speak to the intellect and not to whoever they’re speaking too — they’re so banal.

If you want to know how to write and think, just look at those ads and it’s the exact opposite. I think, I don’t think they’re even healthy for the mind. I think they’re contaminating the children who may see these things.[“]

Brown walked to the microphone with two pages of notes but wrapped them tightly in his hand in lieu of consulting them. His stump skills seemed rusty from disuse, as he winged his way through a 20-minute speech that careened from point to point on a course more disjointed than linear; several times, his sentences drifted off, before he ended them with an awkward “…anyway.”

At several points. he told his audience he wouldn’t name his foes, referring to them just as “two Republicans.” A moment later, he added:

“There’s two people. I’ll mention them – Whitman,” he said, before appearing briefly to forget the name of California’s state insurance commissioner, “and…Poiz…ner.”

via Three Weeks to Go: Krusty Holds Campaign Kickoff « Calbuzz.

  1. slimove said:

    it will be interesting to see where this goes after the primaries. obviously, he’s taking the right tack at the moment, letting poizner and whitman slug it out before he mixes it up. but i’d hope he keeps up with the more laid back style. considering the obscene amounts of money P & W have dumped into their campaigns and the way their ads are already blasting the airwaves, just to make it through the fucking primary, brown might seem appealing to people just by doing the opposite.

  2. fauxpopuli said:

    I mean obviously I was being sarcastic here because Brown is clearly rusty on the stump, but that aside I think he’s been pretty crafty so far. Some of the blogs have been freaking out that he hasn’t started introducing himself sooner, but I mean a) he was running unopposed and b) it’s not as though Jerry Brown is your typical unknown quantity. He’s already been Governor ferchrissakes and he’s the sitting AG, and I’d say the longer he goes without someone else reminding people of his previous incarnation as Governor Trippy McMoonbeam the better for his chances in this political climate. Oh and let’s recall that Brown has a very strong history with the Latino community and the Arizona stuff has maneuvered both GOP candidates into a corner where they had to come out stronger against those damn ‘legals. This is obviously huge for Brown.

    Now if he doesn’t kick it into gear from here on out on the other hand…

    And as for Poizner vs. Whitman, she’s currently up like 10-15 points relative to Poizner when matched up against Brown in phone polling but Poizner’s “Vulture” ad that brings out her Goldman Sachs connection has just started airing and the media is only beginning to get pissed enough at Whitman’s attempts to shut them out (http://blog.newsweek.com/blogs/thegaggle/archive/2010/05/13/meg-whitman-s-i-control-my-media-strategy-continues-to-backfire.aspx etc) to really lay into her. You toss in the fact that she’s already spent something like $80** million trying to convince people she’s fiscally responsible and we’re still two weeks out from the primary and then consider her general record of ineptitude at the toy company she worked at back in the day — I forget which, I wanna say Hasbro but she sucked there too and there was some kinda poisonous toy scandal on her watch iirc — at eBay where it was her idea to take it from a place that focused on auctions and branch it out to the ridiculous bloated unfocused mess it became around 00-06 or so before it slowly started to recover when her successor realized, hey maybe if people were just able to find shit they want for cheap and feel like there’s a minimum degree of buyer protection our image might recover, also at eBay where she decided to buy skype for $2.6 billion only to see it lose $900 million of that value within 5 years, and for fuck’s sake even on the day-to-day campaign trail where she’s just a horrible controlling imperious cardboard cutout of a candidate with no speaking skills, charisma or concrete proposals of any sort and then you think well, this Poizner guy’s also a rich asshole but he’s an experienced politician, can give an interview or contest a debate and has some good bullet points in his favor like taking $0 of insurance industry money as commissioner and … well, looking back at what I just typed I realize that I must really dislike Meg Whitman, but I digress. The point is in an election that Brown is clearly trying to maneuver into an area where he can be the populist white knight smacking around some industry punching bags I’d much rather have him go up against the bumbling candidate that embodies basically everything bad about big business than the accomplished one at least some small level of populist cred.

    **And I mean is this shit hilarious or what? Everywhere she’s gone she has spent like a drunk sailor with a trust fund and a week to live, accomplished jack shit with all that money and failed upward anyway because of her connections and her pre-existing wealth. If spending around $100 million — most in history by far iirc — to lose the primary isn’t the perfect summation of that I don’t know what is, but I’m still pulling for her to win.

    For now.

    • slimove said:

      what really drives me insane about whitman – more than the vague govt-as-business gibberish and hilariously inept media handling – is that she’s spending SO FUCKING MUCH. in this climate. she’s blown millions just to get through the primary while the state is collapsing around us. how are normal people supposed to feel about that? personally, it turns my stomach. you really want to do something for the state? how about just donating $80M to the state budget? at least then we wouldn’t have her stupid barrage of ads.

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