Sitting Congressman Defeats Sitting Senator In Clearcut Example Of Anti-Washington Backlash

ABC is going a bit overboard trying to shoehorn this into your standard-issue “backlash of the proles” kinda frame but one way or another Arlen Specter’s political career just ended. If I’m a professional political writer I probably look at this, combine it with Rand Paul winning in Kentucky and try to massage the result into some kind’ve article about both parties shifting to their extremes, though of course in reality it’s a sample size of two fucking races and Sestak — though certainly a “progressive,” whatever that means these days — is nowhere near as liberal as I understand Paul to be conservative. (Or libertarian or… again, whatever.)

In a symbol of the growing anti-Washington sentiment across the country, Rep. Joe Sestak defeated five-term senator Arlen Specter in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary, according to The Associated Press.

Doug Heye from RNC and Brad Woodhouse from DNC talk politics on ‘Top Line.’

With 89 percent of precincts reporting, Sestak had 54 percent of the votes and Specter 46 percent.

Specter switched parties in April of 2009 to avoid a potential defeat against his Republican opponent Pat Toomey. But Sestak, a virtual unknown compared to his incumbent opponent, successfully exploited the anti-Washington mood and campaigned around Specter’s decision to switch from the Republican to the Democratic Party last year.

Specter took the stage shortly after the race was called and thanked his family, staff and supporters, including President Obama and Vice President Biden.

via Arlen Specter Defeated by Joe Sestak for Pennsylvania Senate Seat – ABC News.


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