Nobody Exploits Children’s Fears Like The Tea Party

Story’s here in case you missed it

Because obviously letting this poor little girl grow up to think the President really called the riot police on her and experience whatever warping of her political mindset that entails is better than admitting to yourself that you’d sooner disappear into a paranoid fantasy world than try to cope with the fact that Your Team isn’t going to win every single election ever.

“No honey, the President really does hate us and really is so concerned with crushing our individual spirits!”

“Yes honey, this is evidence of an insidious socialist masterplot!”

“Dear, I’m sorry Santa didn’t bring you a bike. The President probably stole it and personally redistributed it to some undeserving dark-skinned person!”

“Well, you probably would’ve gotten into Yale if not for that time in ’10 with the riot police. I’m sure Obama’s Thugs took note of our presence that day.”

I mean at what point does willfully deceiving yourself become tiresome? If you’re so fucking nuts that you’re going to interpret being casually moved outt’ve the way of a presidential motorcade without further event as some iron-fisted Stalinist show of consolidated state power (I love how these Quincy crowd control cops became “Obama’s Riot Police” in the Tea Party hivemind btw) then I can only assume you must spend a staggering amount of mental energy keeping the facade up in your day to day business…

God damn socialist dry-rot, I just know the President sends His Thugs out here to infect my house with fungus when nobody’s looking.


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