and this is why we’re all going to hell

so you’ve heard about these new immigration laws in arizona, right? the ones drafted by the far right? well, allow me to present to you this fabulous quote from one of arizona’s fine moderate republicans:

State Rep. Bill Konopnicki … said: “We are going to look like Alabama in the ’60s.” … Konopnicki said “everybody was afraid to vote no on immigration.”

[sorry for all the craptacular, wonky editing there, but it’s not misleading, i promise. click through if you want]

obviously, the legislation itself is pretty revolting, but what do you expect from fringe groups? what’s truly upsetting is that the mainstream/moderate government representatives just go along with it and then blatantly admit they are too afraid of losing their jobs to vote against it.

you fucking pussies. you are fucking adults, in positions of power, who are supposed to be representing the people who elected you (and oh yeah, some of those people are brown and have been in the state of arizona since it was fucking northern mexico). so suck it up, buttercup, and make the hard choices. that’s your fucking job.

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  1. fauxpopuli said:

    Ugh. I had passed a newspaper machine the other day where the headline mentioned this, saying that the police had been given “extensive powers” or some such. I forgot to look into the details but I remember thinking “here comes the shitstorm.” Turns out it’s even worse than the way it was characterized.

    I like the way the asshole that wrote this is going on about “taking the handcuffs off of law enforcement.” I didn’t realize the police felt hindered by the Arizona legislature having failed to tell them what to do.

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