God Hates Us All

It isn’t just the title of an underwhelming Slayer album but apparently also the philosophy of those Westboro Baptist hatemongers. I thought their crusade was against teh ghey? I’m not quite understanding what those WV coal miners did to bring out the scumbags, but then I guess they don’t really need a reason at this point. The perpetual hate machine has become sentient and no longer requires human interaction.

Early on you can see a little kid carrying a sign that says “Thank God for Dead Coal Miners.” Despicable. I find the guy that shows up about 1:30 in, citing bible verses properly and telling the Westboro goons to go home, to be very encouraging. Wherever Westboro shows up now you see people from all walks of life showing up to denounce them. I don’t know how much else I have in common with that guy and the scores of other counterprotestors, but it’s encouraging to see random acts of decency and telling hatemongers to go fuck themselves.

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  1. i first heard about these guys about a month after i moved to berkeley, and i remember being so horrified i was nauseous. even then, i wasn’t so naive as to believe that people never used religion to further their own hateful ends, but this…this is a whole other level. these people are so poisoned by hate, so completely out of touch with the tenants of their own religion. if they weren’t so vile i’d feel bad for them.

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