Worst Governor Ever

His obsession with “waste and fraud’ in these in-home support services is disturbing. People are posing as elderly and disabled in order to… what? Trick the state into providing a nurse? I don’t understand. At least he’ll be gone soon, but it’s looking increasingly likely that we get fucking Whitman and her awesome plan to fix unemployment and lack of demand by firing 30,000 people. Jerry Brown’s asleep at the wheel… he is aware that campaigning is part of getting elected right?

This state is so fucked.

Here’s the latest “high tech” weapon in Gov. Schwarzenegger’s war on 450,000 elderly, blind and disabled Californians.

Without any authority from the Legislature, the Schwarzenegger Administration is planning to purchase up to $5 million worth of military/security cameras to take pictures of the 465,000 seniors and people with disabilities who receive In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) homecare.

The “MorphoTrak” cameras are currently being used in Iraq and other military locations. According to their manufacturer, they are also recommended for, among other things, “border crossings, gang enforcement, and airport/maritime security.”  The camera itself costs $4,200, plus hundreds of dollars more for docking stations and other equipment.

The Administration has projected that it will need to purchase 600 to 1,000 of these cameras, costing between $3 million and $5 million. It has borrowed several of these devices from the manufacturer and has solicited Sacramento and San Diego Counties to use them in a pilot project beginning April 1.

The District Attorneys in these two counties have been among the strongest advocates for the administration’s anti-fraud campaign.  However, a recent report from Sacramento County found a total of 19 potential cases of IHSS fraud out of more than 20,000 consumers.

Each $5,000 used to buy a “MorphoTrak” camera would purchase nearly 500 hours of IHSS homecare.

via Calitics:: What’s next: Blackwater home visits?.


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