Promise. But still, these are exceptional lyrics no?  When I listen to this song I feel sad about grandpa, and I do so in a totally non-partisan fashion. The way things are going I think that’s about the best we can hope for.

Is breathing just the ticking of an unwaiting clock?

Counting down the time it takes for you to comprehend

the sheer magnitude of every single precious breath you’ve ever wasted?

So much misery.

So much indifference.

To so much suffering.

We can become tempted by appeals to hatred.

This world ain’t nothing more than what we make of it.

Revenge ain’t no solution to the inevitable pain

every single one of us must face in losing the kindred spirits in our lives.

Love so brief so disappointing, so confusing…

As Chloey slipped away,

I held her in my arms reduced to

“Please don’t leave me. What will I do?”

This cosmic sadness just here to remind you that,

without love, breathing is just the ticking of……..

via Propagandhi – Without Love | 6 Lyrics.


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