Must be the socialists

Among other data points found in this poll that Aravosis is discussing:

America more or less safe than two years ago (i.e., under Bush)

More safe: 41

Less Safe: 44

Approve/Disapprove of Obama on various issues (again, likely voters)

National Security: 57/40

Fighting terrorism: 54-41

via AMERICAblog News: New poll shows public disagrees with Obama over handling of terror suspects.

So if they think Obama’s doing a good job on national security and fighting terrorism who are we at greater risk from? Homegrown socialist plotters? (Obama himself?) If that isn’t enough to highlight the absurdity inherent in putting too much faith in any particular poll, the respondents also say — 51-41 — that we’re now less respected in the world than we were under Bush. Oooooookay then.


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