If I Said You Had A Hot Body of Work Would You Hold It Against Me?

Maybe I’m being a PC wuss but there’s something a bit unseemly about the need some men feel to express appreciation in terms of something getting them erect.  Is saying “no no see it’s her mind that gives me a raging hardon that I want to impale her with”‘ supposed to make you less creepy? I don’t mean to single out  John Cole in particular and I’m sure I’ve been guilty of the same thing myself — though I try to keep that shit to myself — but he sure did provide a pointed example.


Kinda reminds me of a post I saw from Matt Yglesias awhile back where he talked about trying to teach himself to explain and justify his disagreements with other people rather than expressing them in terms of “x makes me want to punch person y in the face.” Aside from the crassness inherent in sharing with the world that “hurr hurr I looked at dis and gots ma dick hard offit” it’s just poor communication.

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