The Whitish Ligature of Misty Sadness Spreads; Melancholy Will Spill the Lake of Ice

At least I’m pre-equipped with music as bleak as the political landscape.

ps. Don’t you love the way foreigners (Russian in this case) use the English language? There’s a toolbox and a stack of lumber and you go away for lunch expecting to come back to a toolshed and instead you look around and holy shit would you ever look at the beautiful abomination they’ve constructed.

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  1. i am perpetually fascinated by language and all the things we can do with it, especially the ways it is tied to culture. for instance, listen to swedish rap some time. yeah, swedish fucking rap. it’s supposed to be all hardcore – and maybe it is, they have problems in sweden, too – but as english-speakers who are accustomed to english rap, it just sounds fucking ludicrous. hilarious, even. it doesn’t sound dirty and grungy and evocative of the streets. it sounds like the swedish chef.

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