Invisible Safety Harness of the Market

While googling around to satisfy my curiosity about the stalinist high-rise apartments mentioned in that eXile piece I found an example of the kind of efficient production that can be achieved in the absence of stifling big-government regulations.

If this guy didn’t want to be fixing 16th-story air conditioners shirtless with no safety equipment then tell me why the hell he doesn’t get a new job? That’s what I thought.

(Apparently this is either a common way to work on highrise buildings in the rest of the world or something the Brits find particularly amusing, because the Daily Mail has an entire article devoted to pictures of this phenomenon.)

  1. you ever have those moments where you realize that things you take for granted are not universally known? i had no idea there were people who wouldn’t know, automatically, what a stalinist high-rise would look like. and yet, now that i think about it, i can’t imagine why most americans *would* know that.

    btw, i am not in any way trying to be condescending or insulting here. i’m just noting that sometimes it’s not just the big parts of your field that you assimilate to the point of being in a bubble, but the incidental things as well.

  2. fauxpopuli said:

    Yeah I know what you mean, it happens to me all the time when I’m trying to talk politics. In this case I’ve seen these gigantic highrise apartment buildings before and I figured that’s what they were talking about but I had never heard them referred to that way.

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