If You Want A Picture of the Future, Imagine A Press Flack Lying to a Human Face–Forever

me reading politico.com

me reading politico.com

Via my angerbuddies at BJ I see that Politico has a fucking story up right now that breathlessly relates — as a breaking exclusive no less — the fact that Obama plans to seek re-election. In 2012. As a sitting President. After his first term. Without being named Lyndon Johnson. I’m asleep right? Hallucinating? The world is fucking with me? Something? Because if not then I can only conclude that the half-lives on the ability to convince myself that specific iterations of  the ol’ ” no for serious: this time things are really as insane as they can ever possibly get” affirmations hold weight are shrinking rapidly.

I used to consider that topic on a generational level: this made sense to my parents, but instead this makes sense to me, etc.

More recently it became a yearly — and then a seasonal — concept.  I’ll sure be glad when the Bush years are behind us … Boy those teabaggers really went nuts last summer.

That was a little more troubling but whatever, a year is a long time.  In light of evidence collected in the last couple days’ blogging however,1 I think I’m going to have to slow things down and — somewhat like every pro athlete in history — just take it all one collective rhetorical mindset at a time because if the lesson here isn’t that it just gets worse and worse and you either tune it out or become infinitely more cynical and eventually die then I just don’t know anymore. Kick the football Charlie Brown.

1 Argh where does the comma belong in this construction? #grammarfail

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  1. “That was a little more troubling, but whatever, a year is a long time. In light of evidence collected the last couple days of blogging, however, I think I’m going to have to slow things down and…”

    thank you, i’ll be here all week, for all your grammar needs. tip your waitress.

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