Start Strikethrough Nation End Strikethrough World of Seventh Graders

Consider the title my protest against the oppressive anti-strikethrough-joke regime.1

1my references to this btw are not to be construed as a passive-aggressive attempt to get a different theme installed. I just found something to gripe about and I like running jokes2

2I also like footnote/asterik/postscript-oriented jokes3

3there is no third footnote, why are you reading this?4

4Oddly enough, there is a fourth footnote despite the lack of a third. It carries the text, “The fact that the inability to use strikethrough led me to discover how to use superscript to do footnote jokes makes this all worth it.”

Damn, that was exhausting. Anyway, bit of a hike for another corny-ass reference to your standard-issue liberal blogger meme dictionary, but holy shit I’m old enough to remember when this sort of behavior was confined to the DKos comment section:

Uh, really bro? Seriously? I’ve never heard of Tim Karr before this, but he’s going to have to write three — maybe fourextremely engaging blog posts before I’m able to forgive him this trespass.  But I tell you what: if he pops off like this again he’s dead to me. As is he is totally no longer my best friend.5

5And if Tim Karr is really going to waste his time with this juvenile bullshit then maybe he should look into the concept of sockpuppets. It seems that he is trolling at a strictly amateur level. Loser.

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