I Find Your Respective Ethnic Stereotypes Rather Quaint

Kinda funny that when I went searching my cranial cavity for something marginally-witty to title this post, the first thing that popped up was a distinction between jews and ‘white’ people huh? I mean, not “funny ha-ha” but “funny a ha-handred fifty years ago irish weren’t white.” So obviously my alternate title is intended to evoke that sort’ve “oh my god we suck so hard, but marginally less century by century” feeling of realizing what history ought to really be teaching us rather than the idea that teh jooze are somehow freaky or different.

At any rate… (aka: if I wasn’t such a fucking guilty liberal elitist this post would have been titled:)

A White Person’s Guide to Understanding Jewish Humor1

1. Hear Jon Stewart say funny word on Daily Show

2. Plug something that — at least vaguely — resembles phonetically-viable equivalent of word Stewart used into Google textbox

3. Hit enter

4. Click on apparent attempt at extraterrestrial communication that comes up in resulting “Did you mean…?” prompt

5. Add phrase “English translation” to odd arrangement of letters that now occupies google textbox

6. Hit enter

7. Plug resulting word back into joke Stewart originally told; laugh; later, grimace at potential implications of sudden vague realization that the only reason what he said was even considered “a joke” was because of the funny word he used

1if you live on the east coast feel free to disregard this post and pretend it was replaced with something about zany mexicans and — for optional Los Angeles-specific extra credit — Asian people driving poorly. Out here in smalltown Gullyvornia we aren’t so much with the dreidels and the meshugganah and the I’m not even going to try to spell “Bloyyven” so in my eyes the Jewish culture is still sorta novel and mysterious and lacking in fast-food representation.

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  1. fauxpopuli said:

    and I’m not even fucking around, I spent… I’m not even sure, but it has to have been at least a half hour (I think the dashboard has logs) on this little piece of shit, typing it, nitpicking back over it for evidence of accidental racism/ethnocentrism and just generally making sure the words i used mean what I meant to be saying. BEING A LIBERAL FUCKING SUCKS SOMETIMES. if I’m a republican this is a 45-second post… that I’d never think to make, but that’s not the fucking point shut up.

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