Witty Joke Headline Playing Off The Standard Phrase “Apples to Oranges,” Perhaps Involving A Meat Product Such As Bacon

Yeah so I’m feeling uncreative. Anyway, check out this ridiculous comparison from the GOP health care website. (pdf) I had to cut off part of the image to make it fit the website at a legible size but the question at issue is: “Fiscally responsible?”

The GOP responds:

Of course in reality the Senate has long since told the “Pelosi Bill” to go fuck itself. Their exponentially-shittier replacement has many flaws but a key feature of that bill is that it’s shitty in part becase it would cut the deficit by roughly $130 billion dollars in the same tame frime. So the GOP bill is awesome because it saves half as much as the only bill we have a chance of getting, and the Dem bill is terrible because hey look over here! Shiny!

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  1. fauxpopuli said:

    ps. this theme doesn’t let me use strikethrough :( I can click the button in the editor and it’ll show me what I expect to see but when I post it the lines aren’t there. of course it works fine in comments which is just extra dickish

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