Professional Idiocy

TIME blogger commits assault against journalism.

But despite the inherent flaws in asking people simple questions about complex topics, I like this question in the latest Zogby-University of Texas poll:

How much would you be willing to pay in extra taxes every year so that everyone could have health insurance?

$0 – 42.5%

$1-99 – 18.9%

$100-499 – 14.4%

$500-999 – 6.5 %

$1,000 – 2,000 – 3.4%

More than $2,000 – 2.5%

Not sure – 11.8%

via Why Health Care Polling is Not Very Useful – Swampland –

Inherent flaws = despite that framing the question in this way is not remotely close to being an accurate representation of reality… etc.


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