You Know What I’d Like To See?

Let’s say David Shuster is interviewing Breitbart again.

Or Gingrich goes on TDS yet again.

Or blah blah blah take your pick.  Some reasonably-responsible journalist/interviewer has on Media Creature Z. Point being, (and leaving aside the fact that the Shuster clip is via satellite) I’d love to see the host just reach across the table and pop one of these fuckers in the mouth when they try to lie. “Oh really? Richard Reid was an American citizen?” *thwhack* If you’re a Jon Stewart or a David Shuster type you can certainly afford the lawsuit and the fine for simple battery and whatnot, and imagine the kind of shockwaves it’d send through the professional liar industry if they knew in the back of their minds that there was a veeeeeeery slight possibility they’d get punched. Realistic? Fuck no, but I dare to dream.


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