GFY Mitch Allan aka PS: Ladiez Here is Ur Eyecandy

Holy shit did I ever just sell myself out for that headline. I tell you what: if I could sock this bitch in his pretty little face then I think you know I would. Because I’m jealous. And i’m fucking petty.

Ok, I can accept that this is probably the second- or third-catchiest song ever written. What I don’t get is how — on top of getting to write this piece of earcandy while being so gdmn beautiful — this motherfucker gets to direct a video about how terrible it is to be constantly adored everywhere you go. Being mobbed by hot chicks everywhere you go is a problem? Seriously? Really? No, go fuck yourself Mitch Allan; there have been worse problems than seeing the negative repercussions of being “Such a nice boy.” Fucking blow me.

No seriously: a guy who looks like this is bitching about how hard life is. No. Really.

  1. fauxpopuli said:

    ps. The solo is an overdub. A general rule of thumb is that pretty boys can’t actually play guitar.

  2. fauxpopuli said:

    heh. This guy’s been in music for a couple decades and this is the only hit he’s ever had. I might not be pretty enough to wear the red plastic pants, but at least we both experience similar levels of success when our producers aren’t writing songs for us.

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