They Call Me Big Birther

This is from Conan, though every clip of it on Youtube seems to have been uploaded by some nutcase right-winger who cut out Conan’s intro/any mention of it being a skit in an apparent attempt to pass this off as an actual sequence from Sesame Street. I MEAN MY GAWD HOW HARD IS IT TO PRODUCE A SIMPLE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?! I don’t know, but I gather that it’s at least as hard as accepting the fact that the whole issue is done and dealt with.

Come to think of it though…. h’rmmm. Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

I think we’re onto something here. There is obviously some kind of correlation between eyeliner abuse, big poofy yellow manes and insane conspiracy theories, but which causes which? It’s like a chicken/egg question for lunatics.


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