How to Lie Like A Fucking Vet

I was looking up something about U6 just now and found Limbaugh’s response to the new employment numbers. You’d figure he goes the easy route and just says “Well that rate doesn’t include yadda yadda” and proceed to list off the people that constitute the difference between the unemployment and U6 rates. That would be true, though still dishonest; Limbaugh isn’t having any of that halfassed amateur shit however. He takes the degree of difficulty up a notch and actually mentions the U6 by name before saying that it’s still going up. The balls on this guy — it’s like he’s bored with garden-variety lying and wants to see how close he can lead his audience to the truth without actually coming out and saying HEY HEY I’M LYING RIGHT HERE DON’T BELIEVE THIS PART and still get away with it. Meh, give it six months. He’ll get there. “Friends, what I am about to tell you about the state-run media is an outright and utter fabrication…”


RUSH:  Yeah, except the problem is it’s not accurate.  They did include the revised number of unemployed people up to eight million instead of seven, and they did include the first wave of Census Bureau hires — and they’re going to be hiring these workers all through June and they’re gonna hire a million of them. So you’re going to see the unemployment rate drop because of that, but keep in mind those Census jobs are temporary.  They’re going to lose their jobs when the Census work is over.

Two things supporting his argument:

1) When you work a temporary job they pay you in different, less-valid money that doesn’t buy rent or groceries.

2) Rush is such an advanced political mind that he has stepped outside the usual boundaries of the unemployment rate and is working off of some custom stat derived from a mixture of things that are currently happening and things that might happen in the future assuming he is telling the truth. Guy’s a fucking genius.


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