the opposite of fail

i know you already read taibbi on T/S, but i just wanted to point out his newest post, which is remarkably lacking in blasphemous, profane, over-the-top rhetoric, and just awesome on all points. usually when i read taibbi – and i say this as a fan – there’s something i don’t really agree with, or i think he’s overstating the case, or i think maybe he should dial down the histrionics once in a while, but not today.

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  1. fauxpopuli said:

    I concur. Brooks is such an asshole.. see it’s not that there actually are divisions in life, with a certain portion of the population basically being predators. It’s just that those mean populists want you to think that blah blah blah. Obnoxious.

    Speaking of commodities and shit though, I notice gas is back up over $3 a gallon. I wonder if we’re headed back to the $4-4.50/gal territory. It’ll be just swell to deal with that and 10%+ unemployment and whatever else all at once.

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