Spending… umm… chill? Cool breeze? Spending shiver?

“Freeze” talk slightly move overblown than previously realized.

It’s a cliche, but “the devil is in the details” certainly applies here. We’ve been told that the freeze would not only exclude defense and national security, but also economic recovery investment and health care reform (should it happen). The new jobs bill is still moving forward, too.

Indeed, while we wait for additional details — an administration official said the cuts would target “duplicative,” “ineffective,” and “inefficient” spending — I’m tempted to call the freeze idea symbolic, at best. In President Obama’s first budget proposed cutting $11.5 billion in spending, and most of the cuts were approved by Congress. This next budget, including the freeze, is eyeing reductions between $10 billion to $15 billion.

via The Washington Monthly.

Sounds like more of this “just pass something and slap a victory sticker on it” strategy that has worked out so well to this point.


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