A reminder that as bad as last week seemed we have a lot to be grateful for.  We have the luxury of dealing with abstractions.


Port-au-Prince, Haiti (CNN) — The scene was horrific, the stench unmistakable. Sadly, it was nothing new here. But because it unfolded so many days after the earthquake that took at least 112,000 lives, it was shocking.

Three bodies trapped in a crushed taxi. A man, two women. Set ablaze.

Even for those who have witnessed so much these past 13 days, the torching of the Toyota in the capital’s central plaza Monday was difficult to take in. It highlighted one of Haiti’s many quandaries: how to dispose of bodies.

The taxi had been smashed by collapsing concrete during the devastating earthquake, and the bodies were decomposing in tropical temperatures, the smell unbearable to the thousands who have temporarily sought shelter under tarpaulins and tents across the street at the Champs de Mars plaza.

The foul smell prompted people to dig the car out of the rubble, but those living on the street in the area said disposal trucks never arrived to take the bodies away.

“They couldn’t find anyone to dispose of the bodies so they had to burn them,” said Gidel Fellmon.

via Tired of stench, Haitians torch bodies in plaza –

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