historians are the bestest ever

major hearts to the EOtAW community, who provide such lovely comments on liberal disappointment with Obama, Massachusetts, and politics in general:

“I never dreamed that so much political capital would be wasted in a failed attempt to pass an inadequate bill. I foolishly thought the one thing that the Obama White House would be sure to avoid was giving us 1994 all over again. About this I turned out to be very much mistaken. … I fear that Obama and the Congressional Democrats have yet to hit bottom.”


“I haven’t had time to go back and comb the entire history of the US Senate, but my own shrill impression is that we’ve just witnessed the end of the MOST USELESS SUPERMAJORITY IN THE HISTORY OF EVERYTHING.

God bless. What a worthless bunch. And Gibbs today saying that everyone in the WH was “surprised” by this? Do they not have the intertubes at the White House yet? Are they still using NetZero dial-up?”

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