the consequence of hubris

still think people will keep voting Dem because you’re “not republican”? 

A couple of years ago, the Democrats managed to even things out in Congress after years of being trampled under the boot of the GOP; then last year, after enduring eight years of an entirely or largely Republican government that ran this country head-first into the ground, the American electorate made a decision to hand the reins over to the Dems completely — and what have they done with it since? Sure, there have been legislative victories, necessary reversals of God-awful GOP policy and baby-steps in the right direction, but considering the amount of power the Dems have had over the past year, it’s shocking how little has gotten done. This is mostly because the Democrats have behaved, by and large, as if our ostensible two-party system is really just a couple of slight variations on one-party. They’ve bitched and moaned and obfuscated and delayed and generally allowed an opposition party that hasn’t simply been in the minority, it’s been a deranged and disorganized pack of chimps hurling shit at anything and every little thing that scares the hell out of it, to stand in the way of progress. The Democrats have had the numbers to advance their agenda by faster-than-light jumps — this in spite of the eight years of damage that’s needed to be undone — and yet they’ve behaved as if they have time to dawdle.

Well, good going, guys. The people just let you know in no uncertain terms that they won’t wait — they’ll even put a Birther-backed male bimbo in office as long as what he offers is different than the crap they’re seeing right now. What’s worse, those people just made your lives that much more difficult: You couldn’t quickly push your legislation through before, when you had all the pieces in place — you think it’s gonna be easier now? 

DXM on Scott Brown

yeah. in the fine tradition of our beloved Democratic Party, they’ve once again snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. way to go, assholes.

  1. fauxpopuli said:

    I was reading a comment thread on Balloon Juice the other day and saw a post along the lines of, “You’re saying there haven’t been drastic changes between Bush and Obama? Ok, how about this: the EPA is now regulating the environment, the DOJ is prosecuting cops who beat suspects and OSHA is now enforcing safety laws.” It ended with some kind of snarky throwaway “In your face biotch!” line.

    That’s what it has come to.

    • slimlove said:

      how sad. our standard of success is now “hey, at least 3 of our government offices are doing what they’re supposed to!”

      our fall is coming.

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